Building Construction Materials

This category of products continues to serve as Ruscoe’s principle core business.


Caulks, sealants and adhesives used throughout the nation by building contractors, window manufacturers and a significant number of allied industries still account for the majority of Ruscoe sales.


“Frankly,” says Paul Michalec, Ruscoe President, “we’ve got customers we’ve had for years who started using our materials when they worked as kids in their fathers’ businesses.”


Slight changes in formulations to improve product life, flexibility, or to help repel water, air, or other materials have been the only changes to a substantial number of products manufactured and marketed by the company.


Typically, Ruscoe building construction materials will retail at the upper end of the product category.  “That’s pretty easy to explain,” Michalec added, “because we use literally only the best materials to make our end products.  When you pay a premium, to make a premium product, it’s never going to sell at the bottom of the spectrum.”


But, as is virtually always the case, if you use a premium product you don’t have to repeat the process time and again to make sure a project has been done correctly.


Ruscoe products include:

  • 12-1 Seam Sealer/ 12-3 Self Leveling Sealant/ 12-4 Non-Sag Sealant- Three different consistencies of nitrile rubber sealant designed to accomplish slightly different building construction projects.


  • Ruscoe Professional Strength Nitrile Rubber Sealant- These top-notch products also come in three different consistencies to tackle different tasks. The formulas are similar…but different…from the 12-1/ 12-3/ and 12-4 products and offered at an attractive price.


  • Ruscoe Permanent Sealer- This incredible product is used to support applications for our Roofing Restoration products and is used extensively by swimming pool contractors to fill cracks and leaks- because it cures even under water. Contractors specializing in gutter and siding installations have made this product their adhesive-sealant of choice due to its superior, long range performance.


  • Pliobond/Pliobond LV- Used throughout a multiplicity of industries for over 50 years, this product has been used on the space shuttle, in fishing rod repairs, on construction sites for seemingly impossible tasks, and in a variety of industrial applications.


  • Ruscoe Pan-L-Bond Adhesives– Developed in three distinct formulations to address a myriad of construction challenges:
    • Ruscoe Professional Strength Urethane Adhesive– Formulated with no VOC’s. Used as an insulation clip adhesive and a premium adhesive for bonding concrete, natural stones, blocks, bricks, and panels.
    • Ruscoe Pan-L-Bond- Solvent based construction adhesive
    • Ruscoe Pan-L-Bond Panel Foam– Developed to provide maximum strength bonds on interior applications


  • MS Sealant/Adhesive
  • Urethane Sealants
  • Ruscoe 5742 Black Lap Sealant
  • Ruscoe Premium Butyl Sealant
  • Ruscoe Non-Skinning Butyl Sealant