Company History

Ruscoe is named after its founder, William J. Ruscoe.  The company was established in AkAll-American-City-Sticker-150x150ron, Ohio shortly after World War II and has operated without interruption since 1946.


Initially, the company concentrated on packaging and marketing adhesive materials (essentially Pliobond) targeting the booming retail market and housing construction industry.


Soldiers and sailors all returned from the war with a desire to marry the girl next door, buy a little house and start a family.  Housing tracts were springing up all across the country and Ruscoe prospered.


Bill Ruscoe retired, and Bill Clause bought the firm.  Clause expanded the company’s scope and began manufacturing and marketing highway materials.  He also established a cabinet laminate division.


The company prospered, expanded to a second plant, became international in sales scope and established an Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP).  ESOP’S were the retirement program rage around the country before 401K opportunities were available.


Bill Clause decided to retire and elected to sell the company to the ESOP, headed by Paul Michalec.  Michalec was the National Sales Manager during the Clause era and a natural heir apparent.


Since the ESOP buy-out in 1996, Michalec and his team have:


  • Retired the laminated cabinet division
  • Expanded into the manufacture and distribution of commercial roofing restoration products
  • Dramatically expanded private label opportunities along multiple product lines
  • Aggressively supported research to eliminate or greatly reduce VOCs and other non-environmentally friendly components from all categories of products
  • Established a 401K program and bought the company back from the employees which significantly improved their retirement benefits
  • Introduced a Brake Bonding Adhesive line
  • Implemented programs to help improve working conditions, worker compensation, and established opportunities for employees to participate in continuing education
  • Worked with other companies to research and produce dramatic innovations inside Ruscoe’s core industries
  • Increased private label packaging opportunities



Today, the company is still prospering.  It sells multiple products internationally, distributes materials through a network of distributors, and is poised to improve its gross sales category in the next twelve months.