Friction Bonding Adhesives

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Friction-Brake-Bonding-AdhesivesThe Ruscoe Company has been involved with producing and packaging Nitrile Rubber/Phenolic Resin-based products for over 70 years.  These chemistries are the standard for OEM and after-market friction applications.  Ruscoe friction bonding adhesives offer proven performance at extremely low temperatures (40°F) as well as demanding high temperatures (600°F).  Whether the application is friction plates, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, or transmission bands, Ruscoe offers the adhesive product designed for your purpose.


With over 35 years of experience with these products, The Ruscoe Company technical service team can not only recommend the correct friction product for your application, but can also advise your production team on every aspect of your application.  We also stand ready to develop a specific friction bonding product if your needs dictate unique requirements.