Highway Products

Highway-Products-62x300Currently Ruscoe is producing both a single component nitrile rubber and a low modulus MS joint compound which have enjoyed some substantial success in private parking lot applications as well as other commercial ventures.


Highway testing in southeastern United States areas has had some interesting results. Broader applications are scheduled and those test results will help direct the company’s near-term and long-range highway product efforts.


Ruscoe Highway Product sealants require no mixing. Our Ruscoe Permanent Sealer 983 Joint Sealant, Ruscoe Permanent Sealer 974 Loop Sealant, and Ruscoe Permanent Sealer 965 Curb Sealant all share the same outstanding performance characteristics.


  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Easy Application – one part systems, ready to use as supplied
  • No Priming – no primers ever required
  • No Tooling – all products are self-leveling
  • Fast Drying – each product is tack free in ten minutes allowing traffic almost immediately
  • Long Reliability – each product will remain pliable from -60°F to +300°F(-51°C to +149°C)
  • Outstanding Weatherability – our products are virtually unaffected by salts, chemicals, oils, grease, transmission fluid, gasoline, jet fuel, sunlight, rain, snow, ozone, or temperature extremes


Our MS Self-Leveling Loop Sealant and MS Non-Sag Joint Sealant contain no solvent and are VOC Compliant in California and the OTC States. These sealants are 100% solids and exhibit superior flexibility  and adhesion to both concrete and asphalt.


All Ruscoe Highway Sealants are available in both Black and Gray in quart cartridges, 5-gallon pails, and 50-gallon drums.