Specialty Adhesive Products

Specialty-Adhesives-165x300The Ruscoe Company development chemists bring over 50 years of expertise and experience when it comes to providing the most effective product for your specific bonding or sealing application.


Some of the products offered for specific customer uses are:


  • One-part polyurethane adhesives
  • Two-part 100% reactive polyurethane adhesives
  • Two-part epoxy adhesive systems
  • Thermo-setting nitrile based adhesives
  • Solvent and water-borne products
  • Friction Bonding adhesives and primers


These specialty items have been developed for uses that range from bonding and/or sealing concrete, reinforced plastic composites, thermoplastics, steel, aluminum, various rubber-to-metal substrates wood, rubber membrane roofing, and friction material bonding.  Very specialized vinyl trim adhesives used in the automotive industry are also included in this category.


Contact a Ruscoe technical service representative to discuss your specific application.